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#1023  Peas in a Pod "Black Pearls"

Peas in a Pod "Black Pearls" with 18" Sterling Silver Necklace.
How many Peas in your Pod?
2,3 or 4 Pearls "Peas"
Pod is hand sculpted to fit the Natural Freshwater Pearls "Peas" and slight variation in Pearl size make Each Pod a One-of-a-Kind Creation.
Each piece begins by making a small Sculpture in Wax. Using the Ancient method of Lost Wax Casting, the pieces are reproduced to the finest of Detail: bring to life the wax sculpture in the Brilliance of Sterling Silver, the Metal of the Ages. Each piece is cast & hand finished by Artist/Designer, Lori Strickland.
Two, Three or Four pea combinations to represent Loved Ones in your Life.
Children, Sisters, Best Friends, Husband & Wife.



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